There are some of my public projects:


  • Spectrum4Leaflet – (JS) Tools for using Spectrum Spatial Server services with leaflet. This plugin supports: map service, tile service, feature service. It has layers, legend and feature controls.
  • esri-leaflet-dynamic-advanced – This is plugin for esri-leaflet. DynamicMapLayerAdvanced is reworked DynamicMapLayer from esri-leaflet and based on it.
  • GisProxy – (PHP) This is simple proxy which can help you to use cross-domain requests in your browser client.
  • KestrelManager – Application for managing (start/stop/deploy) kestrel apps.


  • RecMix – (iOS) mobile APP, created specially for Djs. It records live mixes in iPhone and user can share it.
  • PachaFm – (iOS) mobile pachafm radio.
  • Voytpaint – (Android) application for painters.
  • MskSpeedCam – (iOS, RU) Application warns about radars on road. Not available in the App Store now.


  • Pyramaker – (Java) This is application that creates image pyramid (local tiled cache) for Geoserver (ImagePyamid plugin) from tiled web service.
  • SimpleEditor – (.Net) Simple graphic editor. Sample for using MVVM (Model-View-ViewModel pattern) in WPF .

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