Angular components + leaflet map

Binding map to component without directive creation:

In html



Managing Kestrel apps without iis


Application for managing (start/stop/deploy) kestrel apps. It’is ultra-alpha-early version =))). Welcome to contributing. There is too much work: tests, security etc.

Sample builds for Windows

Server Client

Setup server: Sample of appsettings.json for Windows app (.exe)

Sample of appsettings.json for Windows NetCore app (.dll)

Then you should run KestrelManager. As default it use 8000 port.

  • to see all apps http://localhost:8000/api/v1/app
  • to start first app http://localhost:8000/api/v1/start/1
  • to stop first app http://localhost:8000/api/v1/stop/1

How to deploy

Run kestrel.manager.client with params. For example:

FormUrlEncodedContent error if form data is too big

Sometimes, if you try to create form data content with the FormUrlEncodedContent class, you can get exception if few values in form data is too big.

Alternate method:


Proxy Kerberos to Basic by Apache

The great disadvantage of Spectrum Spatial Server is that it uses only basic authentication, but system’s front server apache uses Kerberos. So. How should Spectrum Spatial server authorize user? Because it waits for basic authorization header, but apache will send by proxy big negotiate token.




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MP3 encoder in iOS SDK


There is no MP3 encoder in iOS SDK. You can save your audio stream in a lot of formats, but not in MP3.


Lame codecs. You should just rebuild it for iOS system ( and don’t forget about 64-bit architecture). I found the build script on GitHub. Or if you are lazy get built lame here.

Objective-c sample
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